Saturday, December 4, 2010

City Council, Dec 6th - Minto Bridge and a Park Name

When I visited the new park on Mildred and Lone Oak a month ago, it didn't have a name. On the City Council agenda for Monday is a proposed name, and it's a fine one. Though the tribute would be posthumous sadly, it is a terrific and fitting tribute.

Also on the agenda is the conclusion to the Minto bridge hearing, a couple of other matters that tangentially affect bikes, and a few other matters of general civic interest.

Bryan Johnston Park

The Salem Parks and Recreation Advisory Board has recommended that the new park be named in honor of Bryan Johnston. Unfortunately the SJ article in which he was named "Mr. Fix-it," is hidden, but here's a brief tribute from Willamette University College of Law.

Naming the park after him is a great choice.

Two Other Bike Bits

The hearing on the proposed Minto Bridge will be continued for written comment only and presumably will close. Perhaps because of confidentiality agreements, the information on the scale of a proposed buy-out to the Captain is not disclosed. Interestingly, one letter from 2005 in support of the bridge, advocates for it because it will help keep people who walk and bike off the roads:

This would reduce the number of pedestrians and cyclists on the city streets. This is a great idea.
The fact that it has been nearly impossible to get high-quality connections across Wallace and Front/Commercial/Liberty to the Union Street Railroad Bridge suggests this is not a highly unusual view.

Other letters and comments are also in the staff report.

Councilor Clem is proposing some safety work on Highway 22 @ Doaks Ferry that might affect Holman Park and its multiuse path.

In a house-keeping move, Public Works wishes to add road projects to the Capital Improvement Plan for the school and park on the old Battlecreek Golf Course.

Not about Bikes

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