Thursday, December 23, 2010

Comment on Cherriots Draft Strategic Plan

Poor Cherriots. They've had the worst luck this year. But with crisis comes opportunity, and they have a couple of new strategic plans out for your holiday reading!

Most notable is the shift away from the hub and spoke model. From the brand-new draft Strategic Plan:
As identified in the Salem-Keizer Transit Strategic Business Plan, new development of route plans and trip schedules has followed a 3Cs structure – circulators, centers, and corridors. Circulator routes connect neighborhoods to transit centers. Transit centers are interconnected by high frequency corridor routes. The 3Cs model is responsive to changing land use demands and provides customers with a more practical transportation option.
The draft Strategic Plan is 15pp and Cherriots is taking comments on it until January 11th. Here's the survey once you've completed reviewing the plan.

The longer (110pp) Strategic Business Plan came out in October [2004], and it seems to have passed through a draft process already.*

In any event, it's got some tantalizing details. One of them is a fascinating proposal for NE Broadway at Gaines, the location of the plaza at Broadway Commons (and here)! Check out the bike lanes and dedicated transit lane.

So if you've got some down time and are able to review these plans, think about doing so. Salem-Keizer transit is not very healthy right now, and as a community - indeed as bike riders - we badly need healthier transit. We need a robust system of transportation choices that renders the drive-alone trip an easy second or third choice!

*[update - see first comment for correction: the Business Plan is old, dating from 2004.]

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Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

A couple of clarifications! Ray from SKATS corrects with helpful background:

"You should check the date again on the Business Plan –it is from 2004.

The “3C” concept is from that time, and is what Cherriots has been working toward since then.

The diagram you show, the Busway on Broadway from Hood to Market (?) is for a concept that is essentially dead and has been for years. Bits and pieces from the HPTC study are being considered for implementation, but they are being applied system-wide and not just along the Broadway/River Road North corridor."

Thanks for the correction, Ray!

Also, another commenter requests that the deadline be pushed out to the end of January since the draft is being released so near to Christmas and the news risks being buried in the holiday scramble.