Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sustainable Cities Initiative Shows Student Proposals for Civic Center

Last month and early this month, students gave the first round of Sustainable Cities presentations.

Boards from the Civic Center / Police Station classes are on display at the library through mid-January.

Writing in Monday's Statesman, Beth Casper noted that ZGF and CB|Two will
continue the design work started by the students and prepare several options for city councilors, who are looking into the possibility of a bond measure to support funding for the new public safety facility.

"We'll be weighing all of the ideas and pulling pieces and parts from the different projects," said Kirk Sund of CB Two Architects.

City staff expects the architects to offer several possible options by early spring.
Go check 'em out! Some of them orient to the creek and to the riverfront. Some are more walkable than others. It's a fascinating jumble of ideas.

And if you know of other displays or attended any of the talks, let us know where they are or what you think!


Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

From a story today in the paper sketching out a history - a little one-sided, as it is principally sourced from the City's side only - of the Police Station proposals and debate:

"In 2011, Salem participated in the University of Oregon's Sustainable Cities Initiative. City officials asked students how to fit a 75,000-square-foot police facility on the civic center campus, which staffers thought was a fool's errand, Knox Busch said."

That would be a whiskey tango foxtrot! Why would the City knowingly engage SCI students in a "fool's errand"?

I don't know that this merits a post, but it's either damning information about the way the City actually thought of the SCI project at the time or it's a false revision of "history."

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

And here's the City's page with all the SCI boards and reports for the Civic Center and Police Station project.