Friday, September 30, 2011

Helpful Hints with Heloise Hails Bicycling

You just never know where you'll see a plug for biking in Salem!

In yesterday's paper:
I save a lot by driving less and by riding a bicycle whenever possible to do my grocery shopping. For the price of three tanks of regular gas, I bought a very nice used bike, and for the price of one more tank of gas, I was able to buy a carrier rack to mount on my bike.

At the store, I buy considerably less, especially when it comes to things I really don't need. This is a good habit for health, savings and the environment.

ELIOTT in Salem, Ore.

Eliott, not only are you saving money and helping the environment, you are getting exercise, too! When I ride my Ural motorcycle with a sidecar to the store, it does make me think about not buying too much.
Ride on, Eliott!

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