Saturday, December 8, 2012

Statesman Misses Facts on Declining Driving and Other Bridge Costs

Yesterday the Statesman came out with a draft of its Sunday editorial. Unsurprisingly, it says we unequivocally need the bridge.

SJ says Yes yes yes!
Unequivocally Yes!
Among other things, it misses the structural change we are seeing in driving, calling it cyclical, a slight dip during the recession. But it started several years before the current recession, and previous recessions haven't created an equal dip - in fact, driving has risen with other recessions.  The data doesn't support the claim about driving dipping in a recession!  We're seeing a structural change, not a cyclical one. 

Driving and Recessions
The decline is structural, not cyclical
Email the editorial board or if you're on facebook comment on the story, and let 'em know the facts.  Fortunately there are good comments already, many by the No Third Bridge group.

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