Friday, January 18, 2013

Take City Survey about Downtown Housing and Shape the Future

Via the Urban Renewal Agency, the City is collecting responses on a survey about housing preferences for the downtown area north of Union. 

North section of Riverfront-Downtown Urban Renewal Area
Previous downtown projects like the Meridian and the Rivers have misfired and missed the actual market, and it will be helpful naturally enough for future development to hit the mark squarely.

From the announcement:
Salem’s Urban Renewal Agency has identified the area north of Union Street as likely to develop into a new, mixed use neighborhood with housing available to a range of income levels. We’re pursuing the North Downtown Housing Investment Strategy as a first step in identifying demand for housing in this area. Your responses in this survey will help to inform decisions about the downtown area, including related to future housing. In this survey, your responses will be kept confidential.
There are some good transportation questions in it! This is important since above and beyond the pricing and design issues with the Meridian and Rivers, there's also the transportation element:  They front major arterials and urban highways, not exactly a prime walkable environment.

You can start the survey here.

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