Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Youth Bike Safety Education to Roll Again at Boys and Girls Clubs

This May the Boys and Girls Clubs are taking the next step in youth bike education!

For several years now the Boys and Girls Clubs have operated a youth performance team, the "flow riders." But it has been restricted to a small group, and its goals aren't necessarily right for everyone.

Practicing on the Roads
Starting in May, they will expand the program to offer bike safety education to a broader range of youth and oriented towards more everyday kinds of bicycling - like to school!

Flow Riders Practice Maintenance
A $9,800 grant from Kaiser Permanente Northwest will support the program. The fleet of bikes in Salem will remain in Salem and the Portland Bicycle Transportation Alliance, which had been running bike education statewide, including here in Salem, has formally donated them to the Boys and Girls Club. The fleet had been purchased by donations from the Salem Bicycle Club.

Ready to Roll
The fleet had been idle for almost two years.  In late 2010 and into 2011 the Bicycle Transportation Alliance reconfigured to focus on Portland-area advocacy, and the status of the Salem fleet and bike safety education program became uncertain . So after the hiatus, it's great to see the education program back!

Classes will commence in May at the Swegle Center, and programs at other sites will follow.  

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B+ said...

What great news, SBOB. A bright spot in our cycling landscape. I hope it will promote more cycling to school, as well as better adherence to the laws while on two wheels!