Thursday, January 30, 2014

Did you see Speed-Freak Ben Taylor's Picture in the Paper?

The owner of Salem's first known bicycle is in the paper today!  Ben Taylor was into extreme sports, thrill-seeking, and was a speed freak.  He also delivered the mail.

Today's paper featured an uncaptioned image of Ben Taylor;
there's a larger reproduction in the library's
historic photo collection
Taylor is a mustachioed one, second from the right
You can read more about Ben Taylor here.  He was involved in that first bike, a very early motorcycle, an equally early airplane, and even the Klondike gold rush. He was a character!

Ben Taylor on bike at the Nesmith building, circa 1888
Salem Library Historic Photos
He loved speed in the 1880s, and loved speed in the 1910s.

Ben Taylor at the Fairgrounds in his plane, 1910
Salem Library Historic Photos

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