Thursday, February 13, 2014

This Week's Newsbits

Uh...did we miss anything?

Thanks to the flu for an unscheduled break at the bloggery and the world in general, here are some summary bullets from the past week - did you attend any of these events?
  • Carole Glauber talked the photography of Myra Albert Wiggins at Deepwood on Tuesday.  Wiggins was an early bicyclist in Salem, and she met the man whom she later married while out bicycling!
  • Also on Tuesday, the NEN-SESNA Neighbornood Plan "Looking Forward" talked about redevelopment along that magnificent urban highway and STROAD:  Mission Street!  
  • The Morningside Neighborhood Association met on Wednesday to talk about Kuebler and Commercial widening.
  • SCAN met also on Wednesday, and on their agenda was the Blind School property and an update on the Hospital's plan for it, and an update on on the Boise/Pringle Square project. 
  • Today at Noon the Downtown Advisory Board is meeting, and there looks to be impetus and funding behind a chunk of the Downtown Mobility Study's recommendations.  Look for more on that soon.  Also a public art project.
  • SESNA meets tonight, and they'll be talking about25th Street, the T-intersection at 25th Street and State and the 4-way at 25th and Mission.
And this looks pretty great!

At the corner of D Street and Cottage is this neat 1920s brick church.  You might have seen the gardens in the curb strip - that'd be the Parkings! - out front. Currently the building is the home of the Evergreen Church of Salem, and they're starting up a bike program in the basement!
I expect that's a teaser to a piece in the weekend paper.  That'll be nice to see!

And finally, some #CRC tweety goodness from yesterday.  I believe the committee reconvenes this afternoon to vote.

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Anonymous said...

Today the Leg moved up the CRC session from 4pm to noon on VERY short notice: Stage Management! It passed on a party vote 6-4 to Ways and Means.