Monday, June 8, 2015

Keizer Planning Commission Looks at Development Standards and Transportation

Live in Keizer?

The Keizer Planning Commission meets on Wednesday, and it looks like they've been working through some updates on their development code.

On the agenda for this Wednesday are things like standards for mixed use, streets, infill and other land-use items that might be of interest.

The next meeting, in July on the 8th, has things of definite interest: news on a TSP update and off-street parking requirements, including bike parking.

The meeting packet is here, and if you live in Keizer it might be worth checking out. (There is also a reference to a TGM grant application - so we'll be on the lookout for more information on that.)

Topics run the gamut, some more interesting, some less. We don't follow the City of Keizer closely here, so maybe readers who know more can chime in on the key matters or contested issues.

One item in the debate over the code update is wrangling over "snout houses." (The Home Builders Association has been a key partner is dialog and debate.)
This provision requires that garage doors and carport opening be no more that 40% of the fa├žade facing the street. The question is whether the 40% limitation on garage doors be increased to 50%? This adjustment could have a positive impact on entry level homes given that these are often on the narrower lots to begin with. The Planning Commission should give direction on the appropriate size limitation for garages.
Snout houses are an auto-centric pox on walkable neighborhoods!

The City and the Commission may not be hearing enough from Keizer residents who value walkable and bikeable neighborhoods.

If you cannot attend a meeting, but wish to comment, you can email Planning Director Nate Brown.

The Keizer Planning Commission meets at 6pm on Wednesday, June 10th, in Council Chambers at the Civic Center, 930 Chemawa Road NE.

Other Keizer Bits

Here's a few more things...

Sidewalk obstructing signs on River Road
via Keizer Times
From the Keizer Times, a Keizer business owner is pushing for changes to the sign code to allow for signs that block the sidewalk:
[Moles Appliance owner Nigel] Guisinger said the widening of River Road in the 1980s encroached on parking lots for businesses up and down the main thoroughfare, severely limiting space for buildings like his, one of the oldest business buildings in Keizer.

“I had the sign on the sidewalk,” Guisinger said. “It’s an old building. There’s no way to not block traffic and still be within code. The only spot was on the sidewalk.”
An expansion to the Urban Growth Boundary might be in the works.

Know of other things? Chime in!

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Jim Scheppke said...

Regarding the sign ordinance issue in Keizer I'll say this ... at least Keizer enforces its sign code. Salem does not. If you put a sandwich board in the middle of a sidewalk in Salem it might be there quite a while. Kudos to Keizer for at least enforcing their sign code. The situation in Salem is out of control. I can probably count about 100 violations of the Salem sign code on S. Commercial alone. Non-enforcement has led to blatant disregard. City staff claims they don't have the staff to enforce our code, but I think it might have more to do with our "business-friendly" City Council majority giving a pass to their friends in the Chamber of Commerce, etc.. These aren't just garage sale signs. They are Kellys, Marion County (County Fair), the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce (Biznet and other special events), and the Keizer Chamber of Commerce (Iris Festival). When election season rolls around our fire fighters union gets into the act to plant illegal signs for the candidates they endorse. This has to change before Salem becomes a laughing stock in the state. I already have out-of-town friends who say that Salem has become the ugliest city in Oregon (despite our attractive downtown). We tend not to see it because we live here and see it everyday.