Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Multiple Demolition Permits at 15th and Trade Suggest Possible Redevelopment

There's an interesting cluster of demolition permit applications on file with the City for a quarter block at 15th and Trade, adjacent to the substation.

A quarter block of addresses with demolition permits
at 15th and Trade
There are four distinct addresses with permit applications, filed on the 8th, and it is not absolutely clear if those four addresses represent all the buildings on the quarter block. The aerial shot suggests more than four gables and an alley house or two. But it's hard to say, and the cluster looks like it's meant to be the whole quarter block.

The addresses in the City's permit database
As far as I can tell, it's all owned by PGE in a set of lots contiguous with the substation.

The land is zoned RM2, and this suggests that a modest apartment development is more likely than new detached homes - though I suppose it could be a tear-down for a single grander house. Because of the substation and proximity to Willamette, this seems unlikely, however.

The block is zoned RM2, for a medium density
of apartments
As far as housing goes, if RS (residential single family) is zoned for 8 units per acre, and RM1 (multiple family residential) is zoned for 8 to 14, with a middle range of density RM2 is zoned for 12 to 28 units/acre.

Some kinds of commercial uses are also permitted, but it seems like the most likely thing would be a small apartment block serving mostly students and such.

And that's the kind of thing that could be terrific or terrible here - so much depends on the design.

These houses aren't historic or anything, and it's a part of town that should be able to handle modest increases in density. It will be interesting to see if there is a substantive critique of whatever is in the works.

Looking Forward SESNA Opportunity Sites
One place there might be objections is that in the NEN-SESNA neighborhood plan, "Looking Forward," the neighborhoods seemed to want to downzone this immediate area from RM2 to RD - from the multiple family residential to duplex residential. A small apartment block might still represent more density than the RD zoning would permit.

Anyway, something to watch.

(Depending on additional information this post could be updated or could lead to a series of future posts.)

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Anonymous said...

If you think the land is owned by PGE, a call to their Public Affairs office to ask if they know anything about it would probably yield some useful information.