Thursday, October 15, 2015

City Installs Four Radar Speed Signs

The streets here are all straight and zoomy, some with hills, and they could probably use some engineered traffic calming in addition to the signage. Traffic counts from the Commercial-Vista Corridor Study as well as ones on Church Street and Rural Street near South High show that 85th percentile speeds are routinely 10mph over posted speeds. That means 15% of drivers are speeding by more than 10mph over the limit! At these four sites the speeding may well be worse. It also wouldn't be surprising to find that the traffic lanes are too wide. (Remember the case for ten-foot traffic lanes instead of 12-foot lanes!)

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Su said...

I am liking the speed sign at Glen Creek and Parkway in West Salem. It is right where not only these two main cross streets are, but right about 100 feet from Parkway is Cascade which is the way drivers cut over to get to Safeway or Walker Middle School for example. There is a hill where you are coming down at a congested intersection. I agree that some sort of traffic calming would be good, but have no clue as what could be done in that location.

Some people complained that this took so long after the 2008 bond, but of course the City was waiting to make sure that they had money left over to use on these signs. I can think of a few more places where they might be helpful too!