Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Don't Forget the League of Women Voters Study on Cherriots

We're probably done with Cherriots here for this cycle. There doesn't seem to be anything new to say, and reading comments around the facebook and twitter suggests there's not much in the way of thoughtful conversation going on. Mostly it's confirmation bias and restatement of priors.

League of Women Voters on Cherriots
But, the League of Women Voters did a study on transit a few years back, and it might be a good resource for folks looking for facts themselves or for a reasonably unbiased reading of facts.

So if you find yourself with a transit or payroll tax doubter who isn't already settled as anti-transit or anti-tax, it might be a resource for a fact-based debate.

It's worth noting that since that was written back in 2012, Cherriots in 2014 discontinued the bus side advertising contract. It was worth $250,000 a year - about 5% of the proposed payroll tax revenue - and is not enough to fund a meaningful expansion of evening and weekend service.

A few other bits many have seen already - but worth checking out if you haven't:

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