Wednesday, March 15, 2017

View 2018-2023 Area Projects and Funding on Map Now, Open House 22nd

Our Metropolitan Planning Organization will hold an Open House for the 2018-2023 funding cycle next week, and during the comment period they've got an interactive map with a social media style add-on for comment.

SKATS 2018-2023 TIP Comment Map

Look at the hearts! Awwww...

You can "like" projects and also comment on them.

Some projects that might deserve the love:
  • Key intersection and crosswalk safety enhancements near schools and two on the Winter-Maple bikeway
  • A complete bikeway on Union Street from Commercial Street to 12th Street
  • Enhanced crosswalks with flashing beacons on Wallace Road between Narcissus Court and Vick Avenue
  • Buffered bike lanes on middle Commercial Street between Oxford Street and Winding Way (Commercial-Vista Corridor plan!)
  • Right-sizing with lane adjustments for safety on North Broadway between Pine and the Parkway - aka a road diet.
  • Sidewalks and bike lanes on Brown Road 
  • Sidewalks and bike lanes on Verda Road between Dearborn and the Parkway.
  • Sidewalks and bike lanes on Hayesville Road between Portland Road and Fuhrer (2 projects).
  • Sidewalks and bike lanes on 45th between Silverton Road and Ward.
  • Sidewalks and bike lanes on Hollywood Driver between Silverton Road and Greenfield.
  • Partial funding for the South Salem Transit Station
You might see others. The list is pretty well vetted and baked at this point, and it would take a tremendous effort to dislodge or meaningfully alter any project, however.

Look for the historic sign
next to the entry
If you want to read the full TIP document here it is.

There will also be an Open House on Wednesday the 22nd from 4pm to 6pm.

SKATS is at 100 High St. SE, Suite 200, above Andaluz Kitchen and Table Five 08.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting about the TIP and the interactive map. The link to the map is You can also send comments by e-mail to

Mike Jaffe
Transportation Planning Director
Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments