Sunday, August 26, 2018

City Council, August 27th - To Buy the old UGM

Council meets on Monday, and there's little in the way of transportation-related issues. There are other topics of interest, of course!

Under Runaway Arts, Saffron Supply, and the UGM
are the bones of old buildings, heavily remodeled.
But also - apartments over retail!
(Salem Library Historic Photos)

Same view today - via Streetview
Bullets only for this one:

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Susann Kaltwasser said...

Apparently the nicer fencing around the new police building had to be nixed due to cost. The price of materials has so skyrocketed due to inflation and tariffs that some things had to be cut. They staff said that so much was already cut...size of the building and number of stalls in the parking structure...that they could not do more. So, the fence will be a chain linked fence. I think it will be ugly and a mistake that at some point they will seek to have replaced.