Friday, April 12, 2019

Council Legislative Committee looks at Emissions and the Bridge District

the agenda and packet
The meeting today of the Council Legislative Subcommittee looks especially interesting. They've published a relatively large meeting packet, and will be discussing important matters related to greenhouse gas emissions and transportation.
  • HB 2020 on establishing a Carbon Policy Office
  • HB 2974 on a proposed Bridge District
  • SB 451 on renewable energy certificates for our garbage incinerator (Wait, Fahrenheit 451?! That's a coincidence, I guess.)
Probably there will be more to say after the committee makes a recommendation to full City Council. (Our group has posted several links to articles on the incinerator.)

On the Rep. Evans Bridge District idea, one item especially in the analysis might give us pause. It seems to suggest that it's not at all out of the question that the District might try to site a bridge in Salem again. 

This makes it sound like the Bridge District concept
is an attempt to revive the SRC with the same bridge
It had seemed like the District was an attempt to gather support for something more like a bridge at Wheatland Ferry.

But this note makes it look more like it might be a bad-faith end-run around City Council's decision on the SRC.

Between the problems of property tax compression, the fact that any new bridge will induce traffic and add to greenhouse gas emissions, and adding another layer of regional government or governmental entity - all these together suggest the Bridge District idea should be approached very cautiously and critically.

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