Monday, June 27, 2022

Driver Strikes and Kills Person Walking near Lancaster and Ibex

A person driving has struck and killed someone crossing the street near Chemeketa Community College Sunday night.

From the Sheriff:

On Jun 26 , 2022 at approximately 10:05 PM deputies and emergency personnel responded to a single vehicle crash involving a pedestrian at the 4000 block of Lancaster and Ibex. Arriving responders located the pedestrian who was pronounced deceased at the scene.

This area of Lancaster was closed for approximately 4 hours while members of the Marion County Sherriff's Office CRASH team conducted an investigation.

The identity of the male pedestrian is not being released at this time pending notification of next of kin.

The 19 year old male driver remained on scene; no citations or arrests have been made at this time. [map link added]

The description of the crash is a little ambiguous, but for the moment I take it that the person driving was on Lancaster. That's where they are more likely have enough speed to kill someone immediately.

Designed for auto speed (2019)

Lancaster here at Ibex has no marked crosswalks, distances between signalized intersections, and appears to have lighting on only one side of the street. There are marked crosswalks at Ward and Satter Drives, but those require a good bit of out of direction travel. Lancaster is very wide and straight, with four auto travel lanes and a continuous center turn pocket. It is designed to induce - or "forgive" - speeding.

With the time, right at the end of twilight, there is a very good chance we'll read a bunch of things blaming the victim for dark clothing, not being lit up like a carnival wheel, not using a marked crosswalk, blah, blah, blah. Never mind the way the road is built for cars and for car speed. A crash at 20mph is not likely to kill a person, but Lancaster here is posted for 35mph, and with our tolerance for up to 45mph before any ticketing, any crash at lawful speed is nearly certain to result in death. A crash impact at any speed above that is certain to be fatal.

This post will likely be updated.

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