Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ODOT Announces TE Long-List with Three Local Projects

Last week ODOT released the long-list of finalists for the current round of Transportation Enhancement funding, and 3/4 of the local priority list made it. They are (order is the SKATS priority, not any ranking by ODOT):

1. Delaney Road in Turner
2. Hayesville Drive in unincorporated Marion County
4. Brush College Road in West Salem

According to ODOT
On April 4, 2011 the TE Commitee will meet to select projects and make a funding recommendation. Final approval by the Oregon Transportation Commission is expected in May 2011.
In December the SKATS Policy Committee had announced their priorities for the Transportation Enhancement candidate projects. The one project that didn't make the cut was the Wheatland Road improvements in Keizer

The other three, all unprioritized projects, also fell off the list:
  • Railroad quiet zone improvements on Hines SE
  • Brown Road NE north of Sunnyview NE in Salem
  • Brooklake Road NE at Portland Road in Marion County

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