Thursday, March 3, 2011

Youth Racing: El Grupo Tuscon Visits Boys and Girls Club

Marcos from El Grupo Tuscon is biking through town and will give a talk tonight at the Boys and Girls Club, home of the Salem's own youth cycling team, the Flow Riders.
El Grupo is a non-profit youth cycling team in Tucson, Arizona that affords the opportunities of cycling to local teens who otherwise would not get the chance.

Our mission is to empower youth through bicycles. We aim to instill traits such as courage, integrity and good sportsmanship through riding and racing bicycles. By maintaining a clubhouse and by coaching five group rides a week, we provide a consistent, safe, family environment so these youth may grow up mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy. We embrace all forms of cycling, from road and mountain bike racing to bicycle touring and daily commuting. Our goal is to educate and inspire youth to overcome obstacles. We specifically target at-risk youth from low-income, underserved populations.
Marcos will be at the Boys & Girls Club HQ, 1395 Summer Street NE at 6pm.

Yesterday he was in Portland and talked on the KBOO Bike show and last year Heidi Swift wrote about the team in the Oregonian.

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