Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Salem Area Trail Alliance Launches Trail Vision through Eola Hills

Neck and neck with the bike plan update, the other most exciting development in the Salem bike world is the brand-new Salem Area Trail Alliance project.

If you've been around racing at all in the past few years, you'll know Jeff McNamee from the Buy Local series of cross and short-track events. Jeff is also on the faculty of Linfield, where he teaches physical education and studies ways to improve teaching of PE.

Jeff also has a vision, and it's a grand one.
SATA’s primary focus will be to develop the Salem Greenway Trail (SGT). The SGT is a continuous multi use recreational trail designed for non-motorized recreational travel that will connect Salem to local green corridors and businesses. The SGT aims to provide health enhancing recreational opportunities for all trail users while preserving and improving our local green spaces.
Jeff envisions a trail all through the Eola Hills vineyards and farms!

The first piece is a soft trails project in Spring Valley State Park.

Here's a detail from the Willamette Water Trail.

Though it can be accessed from a driveway opposite Western Mennonite, the park is at present mainly undeveloped, primarily just a landing, with a pit toilet and campsite, and Jeff plans to make trails for the land-lubbers!

Along with Black Rock, this will make Salem a must-see stop for off-road bicycling!

Jeff is joined on the board by Ellen Miller, Don Hutchison, Mike Peterson, and Marcey Keefer Hutchison.

Today he'll be in Washington, DC, for the National Bike Summit. Stay tuned!

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