Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dueling Commute Challenges Mean More Fun for Everyone!

Just a reminder! The Bike Commute Challenge and Fa$t Lane Commute Challenge start today!

Register for both and win!


Salem Area said...

I refuse to support BTA campaigns any longer. They are a PDX only org, not a State of Oregon, org! Don't get me wrong, the BTA has done amazing things for PDX and Oregon in the past. It's time we have our own local "challenge" and media events. Come on ASK or SBB, create a challenge for us next season!!

Unknown said...

I love you guys, but come on - what's with the need for all the meetings and organizing and events and contrived challenges. Ride Bike!

Unknown said...

(... that said, I do like the perks such as those "Downtown Dollars" that bought me three free lunches last year :-)