Monday, January 30, 2012

Legislative Update - Week 1

Golly, the golden bike dude bowling trophy seems like an unwarranted triumph this week.

Nevertheless, the Legislature starts up this week on a brand new adventure - sessions in the even numbered years.

As for pre-session filings, or other new bills, there are only two that even have the word "bicycle" in them, and these are but incidental references, not relevant to active transportation interests.

Scaring up other relevant bills will be hit-and-miss for the moment, and I'll piggyback on other coverage by legislative specialists.

Still, a few odds and ends have turned up.

House Bill 4148 would impose a fee on studded tires.

House Bill 4043 would permit the "Department of Transportation to reinstate person’s suspended driving privileges or right to apply for privileges, or any identification card or right to apply for card, under certain circumstances." There's got to be a story here, but I don't know what problem this is trying to solve.

The session will be short and the main thing will be looking at the budget. So stay tuned, I think is the answer.

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