Monday, February 6, 2012

Bikes and Business: Former Mayor on Salem Business Journal

I'm not exactly sure what this means, but of all the images of former Mayor Janet Taylor the Salem Business Journal might have used, they selected one of her on a bicycle (probably the Eneloop). That's a nice editorial choice for her recognition as First Citizen!

Ron Keleman, who is also receiving a Distinguished Service award, bikes regularly, and has come to B on B occasionally.

You can read the issue here (10mb pdf).

The Long Beach Business Journal just published a story about bike-friendly business districts:
With the assistance from a grant from Los Angeles County, Long Beach has been on the cutting edge of exploring how bicycles can form “Bike-Friendly Business Districts.” These districts can form the core of a local business transportation infrastructure that can solve the problem of improving traffic flow as well as provide side benefits to businesses and residents alike.
Hopefully Salem's businesses will also embrace bicycling as part of a solution to congestion that also improves livability and health - and frequency of customer visits!

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