Friday, February 24, 2012

Prospects for $4 Gas? Start Thinking about Fuel-Free Fridays!

Indications are strong that gas is going to hit $4 a gallon this spring and summer.

If you read here regularly, you already bike, but what about your friends and colleagues? May is National Bike Month - but start with baby steps!

Here's an easy way to whack as much as 20% of fuel costs: Make a commitment to Fuel-Free Fridays. Make the commute and errands by bike or on foot.

Or pick a different day of the week to go gas-free.

Or tape a reminder next to your car ignition, and ask yourself whether you really need the car for each trip.

Folks don't have to go whole-hog with bike transportation. But if they can make enough of the short trips by bike - well, maybe they'll think about ditching the second car. Think of the savings!

This writer certainly has.

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