Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Forget the Rain! Wednesday Roller Races at the Peddler

The rain's a drag, but Bike Peddler's got a solution.

Vintage Roller Racing with Mile-a-Minute Murphy
Roller racing starts a week from tonight!

From the Facebook:
The roller races/training will run from December 16th [12th?] through January 30th every Wednesday night, except December 26th and January 2nd. Warm up at 5:30 with first racer off at 6 pm. Even if you just want to ride but not race, feel free to come by for a night of riding with good friends. Don’t know how to ride rollers, we can help.

There will be prizes that we will give away on January 30th. There will be series points throughout the 2 months. You get one point just for racing. Five points for the win and then down from there. January 30th will be the Salem Roller Races Championships where the top 3 riders on that night will win prizes. If you have questions about the format let us know. We have answers.
It might be hardcore riding, but it sounds like fun!

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Be a triplet!