Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Willamette Week Calls SRC "The CRC's Mini-Me"

Ha ha! I don't know that Portland coverage is all that important, though the project certainly is big regional news for the mid-valley.

Still it's pretty funny - and quite accurate! - to call it the CRC "mini-me." The parallels are all too strong.(The first time it was mentioned here was back in 2010.)

While it shouldn't be necessary for Portland media to follow the story closely, it would be good for the statewide policy discussion not to proceed as if the CRC were all by itself. There's a systemic problem with the way we look at transportation, and both oversized projects express the problem in all its gory glory.


Curt said...

Ours will cost us more. I'm disappointed we didn't make the Sierra Club list of worst transportation projects. Something to aspire to if the SRC is approved. I still can't find public works project as expensive fund only with local funds.

Jim Scheppke said...

Someone needs to straighten out WW that traffic on the existing bridges is "undeniably a problem." The data shows that to be an overstatement.