Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Details on Salem Sunday Streets Schedule of Activities - Updated and Hashtagged

More info on Sunday's Open Street Festival! It's a whole bunch of carfree goodness from 11am - 4pm, September 8th, along Wallace and Riverfront Parks and in town on State Street to the Capitol.

Sunday Streets Map for September 8th
Here's the schedule at the moment - more may be added! - keyed to the starred activity sites.  The local music looks very nice!

The route itself is really going to be too small for bicycling, except perhaps for the littlest ones, for whom the carfree streets will be a great boon  Don't let that stop you from biking to it, but for circulation it will probably be best to lock up and walk around the route instead of trying to bike along it.

Wallace Marine Park Activity Center
  • 11:00 Yoga – Courthouse Fitness
  • 1:00 Music – Jeremy Crofoot
  • 3:00 Music – Tonya Gilmore

Riverfront Park Activity Center
  • 11:00 Yoga and Zumba – The Lotus Studio
  • 12:00 Music – Find Your Smile
  • 1:00 Walking Tour – Just Walk!
  • 2:00 Music – I Am A Zombie
  • 2:00 Walking Tour – Autoist Attack walking tour

State Street
  • 11:00 Laughter Yoga – The Nest
  • 12:00 Laughter Yoga – The Nest
  • 2:00 Laughter Yoga – The Nest

Capitol Steps
  • 12:00 Zumba – YMCA
  • 1:00 Dance – Tokyo International University
  • 2:00 Zumba – YMCA
Salem Sunday Streets Participating Organizations:
Marion County Public Works Environmental Services, Salem Creative Network, DIY Studio, Northwest Human Services, Kaiser Permanente, Willamette Valley Music Company, Interface Network, Amaxyng Health, Salem Chamber Orchestra, Salem Bicycle Club, City of Salem Recreation Services, YMCA, Family YWCA, Salem-Keizer Transit District, Willamette Humane Society, AdvoCare, The Bike Peddler, The Lotus Studio, Salem Health Community Health Education Center & Salem Cancer Institute, The Nest, Salem Bocce League, Santiam Bikes, A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village, Salem Library, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Tokyo International University, Salem Area Trail Alliance, Be, Resiliency Action Network, LifeSource Natural Foods, Venti’s, Friends of Straub Environmental Learning Center, Salem Riverfront Carousel, Habitat for Humanity, Oregon National Guard, Willamette Valley Physicians Health Authority, and more...

(Isn't it great to see all the different organizations?!)

Update, Saturday, Sept 7th

Here's more detail on the organizations at the activity centers!  Looks like a terrific mix of groups, something for everyone.

Wallace Marine Park
Salem Area Trail Alliance
City of Salem Recreation
Capital City Disc Golf
Pedal Powered Stage

Riverfront Park
Salem Creative Network
Oregon National Guard
Riverfront Carousel
Just Walk!/City of Salem Neighborhood Services
Friends of Straub Environmental Learning Center
Willamette Humane Society
Amaxyng Health
Children's Educational Theatre
Marion County Environmental Services
The Lotus Studio
The Bike Peddler
Mosaic Salem
Habitat for Humanity
OSU Extension Services
A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village

Waverly Street and East Capitol Park
Bike Safety Skills Course
Resiliency Action Network
Salem Bicycle Club
Salem Bocce League

Cottage Street
Salem Saturday Market
Northwest Human Services
Interface Network
Kaiser Permanente
Salem Health

State Street

Salem-Keizer Transit
DIY Studio
Salem Public Library
Hallie Ford Museum of Art
Willamette University, Archeology
The Nest
Salem Chamber Orchestra
Willamette Valley Music Co.
Salem Summit Co.
Zena Forest and Farm

Farmer's Market at Willson Park

Hashtaggery - you know what to do!

And of course Thanks to the Sponsors!

Kaiser Permanente
City of Salem
Salem Health
Cherriots RideShare

Update, Thursday, Sept. 12th

The City wants your feedback! Take part 1 of a survey here and part 2. Let them know what you think!


Jim Scheppke said...

Don't get your comment about the route being too small for bicycling. State Street is a wide street. It's closed, right? What's the problem with biking?

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

In two ways:

One, the route is short, and it will take hardly any time at all to traverse it by bike. Is it two miles long? If you bike 12mph, which isn't very fast, it'll take 10 minutes. In an hour you could do six laps. Or something like that. Biking will be too fast! I think that the subjective experience of being on a bike for it will seem like transportation and speed overkill for many.

Additionally, in a longer route, crowds will spread out. Here crowds will be collected in a much smaller area, and since there won't be clear lanes, I think that the faster speed of biking will lead to some amount of erratic weaving around people on foot - and leashes, too! It will not be big enough to avoid the urban deer phenomenon. (I worry that people on foot will find people on bikes annoying; equally, people on bike may find the leashes and wanderers problematic. The short route increases the likelihood of "ped-bike conflict.")

I'm not saying bikes should be banned or anything, but I am saying that for adults who bike regularly, I think the enjoyment of the event will be much greater on foot. The spacing and geography of the event is really optimized for travel by foot.

So the issue is the route length, not the width of State Street, which as you say is one of our great wide boulevards.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

updated with list at activity centers and social media deets

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

updated with a survey...

also! Re: the course length. See post-event wrap. It was the barricades that turned out to be the main problem!