Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Even the Road Builders say: Fix the Bridge First!

The big road lobby, the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, even says we should fix the bridge!

Earlier this week a reader sent in news about their latest report on "deficient" bridges in the US by the biggest road builder trade and lobbying organization.

You'll never guess what it says...

ARTBA Oregon Bridge Profile

Yup, the Marion Street Bridge should be fixed first!
We need to fix our bridges before we build new ones!

As a footnote, many may know this already, but ARTBA at one time wasn't shy about their origins.

They used to highlight their bicycling origins
They've since scrubbed this history. You can read more about it here. (Here's the current history, which identifies Horatio Earle as "a Michigan public official" rather than League of American Wheelmen President.)

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