Monday, April 6, 2015

You'll never Guess Which of these Signs isn't Legal!

Which sign looks more legal?

State Street - via Ashley Smith / Statesman Journal
Chemeketa Street
The one that cites ORS? or the one that doesn't?

The best part?

The idea that confusion over a sign's authenticity would be more dangerous than the routine ignorance and disregard for the sign's message itself!
But according to officials with the city of Salem, the signs will have to be taken down for public safety reasons.

“We follow what is called a manual of uniform traffic control devices,” said Robert Chandler, assistant public works director with the city. “The intention of the manual and the reason we follow it is so there’s standardized signage across the country. So whatever he has put up ... it really cannot resemble a regular traffic control sign because that would confuse drivers. We would either remove it or ask him to remove it...."

Chandler said city crews were planning to take a look at the signs in the coming days.

“Our big picture is safety,” he said. “For the gentleman who had the problem, drivers should understand the rules and should follow them and be respectful for other users of the roadway. But we discourage people putting up their own traffic signs.” [italics added]
Hydraulic Autoism and the MUTCD for the win!

Next time - copy one of the existing signs?
(If you haven't been on Chemeketa, the "illegal" sign is the one on State Street with the ORS. Maybe there will be more to say in the morning after the piece hits print and there is more reaction. I have some fear it will be used as clickbait to stoke the "war on cars" narrative.)

Update, Midday Tuesday

Front page news!


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