Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SK Education Foundation Shares Details on Starkey-McCully Block Renovation

You might recall the debate over some Urban Renewal funding for the historic Starkey-McCully block that the Salem Keizer Education Foundation recently purchased.

Though the Foundation withdrew the request for Urban Renewal funding, the project is moving ahead.

And here is what looks like some unambiguously terrific news.

Unclog the storefront!
Key removals and restored details in yellow
Later this month the Historic Landmarks Commission will deliberate on a proposal to restore the windows and storefront system that had been partially boarded and bricked up.

Starkey-McCully block, detail, 1964
University of Oregon (Elizabeth Walton Potter)
I sure hope this is as uncomplicated and straight-forward as it looks!

The Public Hearing will be on Thursday, May 21st.

Maybe there will be more to say when the Staff Report comes out, but I hope it's a slam-dunk and that there is nothing more to say.

Also on that Hearing agenda will be the proposed sign for the Grand Theatre.

(See here for a brief discussion.)

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