Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Touring Little Free Libraries by Car. That Defeats the Purpose, Doesn't it?

As part of a series, "Kid Trips," the paper has a very nice note about touring some of Salem's Little Free Libraries.

Some kids have disabilities, and there are always factors you don't know about, so it's not something to make too much of - but it was very interesting that the sidewalk locations of the Little Free Libraries wasn't apparently a cue to walk to them, to take a walking or biking tour. The tour was instead taken instead by car, without considering any alternatives that might have been even more fun.

And in fact, one of the libraries was installed at a drive-thru coffee shop.
We had, on numerous trips through the drive through, pointed out the cute Little Free Library. We hadn’t, for some reason, ever stopped to look more closely.
It seems obvious why they hadn't stopped. Drive-thru's aren't configured for stopping and exiting the car. Their entire raison d'etre is to eliminate the need to stop and exit the car!

This to me is a fascinating example of the way a small moment in what many are calling a "tactical urbanism" with a focus on walking has been assimilated to autoist culture.

At least from the standpoint here, it is something to resist.

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