Thursday, November 5, 2015

Map of US Traffic Deaths from 2004-2013 Highlights Dangerous Stroads

A neat, but unfortunate, graphic and interactive map is making the rounds. It's a compilation of 10 years of US traffic death. 2004-2013.

All 373,377 of the dead.

Here's 10 years of traffic death in Salem
(But "Crash" not "Accident"!)
The deaths are coded by age, gender, and mode of travel. It is also possible to filter for alcohol, speeding, or distracted driving.

The data isn't new, but this is a more useful and legible form. It is also sickening and depressing. You might know some of the people who died, or at least know their names.

Lancaster, Mission, Wallace, Silverton Road, Portland Road - it's those stroads. Too wide, too fast, too many turning movements and local access points.

What other meaningful patterns do you see in it?

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