Thursday, November 26, 2015

This 1899 Handcycle Testifies to the Usefulness of Bikes

I didn't find the ingredients for a satisfying Thanksgiving post this year, but maybe this will do. Even though this isn't charity per se, as a man could fill a small closet with suits for $100 in 1899, it seemed like a sweet note that testified to local ingenuity and the enduring usefulness of human-powered mobility for independence and pleasure.

November 24th, 1899
In the present time, both the Assistance League and the Northwest Hub will be wanting donated bikes, and possibly other items as well. The Bike Peddler's also got a project going with the local Boys and Girls Clubs. There may be others that we don't know about, too. Ask your favorite bike shop if they have holiday charity drive going or are helping others in more discreet ways they don't necessary advertise or otherwise make public.

via the Statesman's Catalog of Giving
Consider one of these in your holiday donation plans, pay it forward, and return the thanks as you are able.

Be safe out there and have a lovely holiday.

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