Friday, November 23, 2018

Amid Work on Post-war Peace, President Wilson's Bicycling Recalled

November 22nd, 1918
100 Years ago, in the middle of all the headlines about diplomacy, demobilization and troop movements, Bolsheviks and plots, there's a funny note, at once pastoral and grandiose, about President Wilson's bicycling.
Wilson Toured England On Bicycle On Last Visit

Washington, Nov. 22. When President Wilson visits England this year, the central figure of the world and accorded all the homage of a king, he may reflect upon his last visit there, in 1908, when he toured the country on bicycle, unnoticed and unacclaimed.

At that time he pedalled over the country roads of northern England and Scotland, probably with never a thought of the day that will be his when he arrives next month.

The president also has visited France and other European countries.
On his Roads Were Not Built for Cars blog, Carlton Reid has a longer piece on President Wilson, his bicycling, and how that led to his "good roads" advocacy, "A cycle touring US President kickstarted the paving of America."

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