Friday, November 30, 2018

Check out Urban Trails near Sprague on Sunday

Most of the Salem Area Trail Alliance's activities are car-dependent and outside of the city. But in two places, they've got exciting things in the neighborhood. There's the new bike park at Geer Park and there's also a trail system near Sprague High School.

This Sunday the 2nd, they've got a kind of "open house" for the Skyline and Croisan Creek trails.

Explore the trail system near Sprague on Sunday - via FB
(be sure to rotate the map! And a higher-res version here)

From FB:
Join us for a no-drop MTB ride, hike or run on this little-known gem of (up to) a six mile trail adventure in your very own South Salem! Discover a new trail, meet some new friends! Meet at the first parking lot off of Kuebler.
It's worth getting acquainted with the trail, because it's a vestige of a previous beltline concept. In the "Year 2000" plan from 1984, Croisan Scenic Way is identified as a future "major four lane arterial" to connect with Kuebler Boulevard, South River Road, and a bridge over the Willamette River.

A four lane arterial for Croisan Scenic Way (1984)
The trail follows a smaller right-of-way connected with a dormant subdivision, but this bigger plan was in the background.

Croisan Scenic Trail and the "Cemetery Trail"
(north of Sprague High School)
In a Staff Report for a proposal on the nearby "cemetery trail" behind Belcrest, the City noted that the
Salem Transportation System Plan includes plans for Croisan Scenic Way S extension to serve as a north-south minor arterial street connecting River Road S to Kuebler Boulevard S. When the extension of Croisan Scenic Way S is constructed, it will include sidewalks and bike lanes that will replace the current trail and enhance the bicycle and pedestrian connectivity in this area.
The City still seems to be on track to buy it, but it has run into delay.

So there are significant recreational and planning reasons to introduce yourself to the trail system if you haven't already. Check it out.

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