Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Cranking Marine Drive Back Up at WSRAB, 260 State at DAB

Two Urban Renewal Advisory Boards meet this week, and they'll be talking about a couple of important projects.

Tomorrow the 7th in West Salem, WSRAB will discuss renewing the push for Marine Drive, which the Congestion Relief Task Force lists among their recommendations.

Congestion Relief Task Force on Marine Drive

The agenda with Marine Drive
What that means exactly is not clear. There is still some $3.5M allotted to a project between Glen Creek and Cameo Streets, which is inside the Urban Growth Boundary, but the West Salem Neighborhood Association wanted a more northerly section, which is outside of the UGB.

The scope and sequencing here is still a little murky, but perhaps more will be clear after the meeting.

WSRAB meets Wednesday the 7th from 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM in the West Salem Public Library, 395 Glen Creek Road NW.

DAB Agenda
Thursday the 8th, the Downtown Advisory Board will get an update on the project at 260 State Street, the apartments going up on the gravel lot at the corner of State and Commercial. While there is sure to be lots going on behind the scenes, there is no formal change in the permitting and review process since back in August.

They'll also get what is likely a sneak preview of the Downtown Sidewalk project's presentation for the Open House on the 14th.

Unfortunately the meeting packet has no further information.

The Downtown Advisory Board meets Thursday the 8th, from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm in the Urban Development Conference Room, 350 Commercial St NE, underneath the Chemeketa Parkade.   

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Anonymous said...

In public comment for the work session, Mark Wigg pointed out that the whole cost of Marine Drive is a lot more than $3-some million. So that's for sure a "medium-term" project, not something to accomplish right away.


Others also echoed that the concepts really need to be refined into actionable "projects" with probable funding sources and planning-level budgets.