Sunday, March 17, 2019

Crosswalk Corner Bumps on Google Tonight!

Ever wondered about those bumps set on a "place mat" of contrasting color at a corner or a ramp cut into the sidewalk? We're seeing more of them, and the City's redoing corners to improve ADA compliance and accessibility. They're an important ingredient in sidewalks for everybody.

The google-doodle tonight and tomorrow
New curb ramps and truncated dome bump pads (in red)
on the south side of Fairview and Summer.
Note also the raised curbs to signal or stop downhill motion
The history's been a little obscure, and it's terrific to see Google's got the details tonight.
Today’s animated Doodle celebrates Japanese inventor Seiichi Miyake, whose desire to help a close friend turned into an innovation that drastically improved the way those who are visually impaired navigate public spaces around the globe.

In 1965, Miyake spent his own money to invent tactile blocks (or Tenji blocks as they were originally known) to help a friend whose vision was becoming impaired.

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