Monday, March 25, 2019

Reasons to Visit Pioneer Cemetery, new Open Streets Salem Route - Bits

On Sunday I saw a literal handful of cherry blossoms on the Capitol Mall. They were at the point where you can still humanly count them - 1, 2, 3. So it's just beginning, and maybe this next weekend will be the first time to see full trees in bloom.

A few early fruit trees in bloom at the cemetery (Sunday)
Elsewhere, some earlier-blooming varieties are at peak. In Pioneer and City View Cemeteries, the trees that line the drives in the cemeteries aren't yet blooming, but there's a few scattered trees that are lovely.

If you haven't been to the cemetery recently, you should consider a visit. A couple years ago, roughly at its center some interpretive signage went up on the history of the cemetery and on notable burials. It may seem like a home for the dead, and it is that, but it is also full of living history and a place of beauty. The easy reference materials makes it easy to notice interesting stories and details.

The signage is a couple of years old now, but it's still great
(Memorial Day weekend, 2018)
On April 6th, the City will hold another memorial and open house at the site of the Chinese shrine in Pioneer Cemetery. This is very much a story that's still being researched and told and retold as they learn more. And it's another reason to visit.

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New Open Streets Salem Route?

SESNA Agenda
SENSA meets tomorrow, and there's something wonderful on the agenda. It looks like a new site for Open Streets Salem. I suppose we are still doing it only once a year, and that this will replace the Winter-Maple route from the last couple years. It will be interesting to learn more!

SESNA meets Tuesday the 26th at 7:00 p.m. in the Capital Park Wesleyan Church, 410 19th St SE.

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