Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Roll into the New Year with a Helpful New Law

January 1st, 1920

From June earlier; the law passed
Others have written about the safer stopping law better than anything possible here.

See especially at BikePortland:
And for a New Years Resolution, support our chapter as they advocate with the City for a Climate Action Plan with teeth: Actionable policies, assessment criteria, and real consequences.

Cars are a big problem
Final pie chart from Our Salem

Addendum, January 6th

LTE yesterday the 5th
What's the best way to describe this? Autoist panic? Last-ditch assertion of autoist supremacy? Autoist entitlement? Autoist fragility?

The idea that autoists constitute some imperiled class, hemmed-in and threatened by people on bike, needing extra protection from the police against rampant law-braking - all that is risible, unhinged even, unmoored from reality.

But it is evidence of the hegemonic way that autoism hides itself as power and norm.

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