Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Scooters at CATC Tonight

The Citizen Advisory Traffic Commission meets tonight the 8th to talk about a left-turn restriction on 12th Street at Cannon Street.

12th & Cannon SE - note "no left turn" sign below posted speed
I don't know anything about this, and maybe more will surface. CATC is one of those secondary committees for which the City hardly publishes anything - no meeting packets, no printed minutes or other notes, usually just the barebones agenda.

This is right at the Wye where the 12th/13th couplet splits, there are some other driveways and small streets, and it's complex and messy.

(Not really affected by the proposal, but in the area, the northbound bike lane here is not very comfortable, and drivers too often whip a right turn onto east-bound McGilchrist without yielding or checking properly to see if there are any people in the bike lane. That intersection is always harrowing.)

CATC agenda, January 8th
More interesting is the "e-scooter discussion." But again, there is no indication about any draft proposal or concept.

In the paper a couple summers ago
See "What Should the City do with Scooters?" and all notes about them here.

CATC meets at 6pm Wednesday the 8th on the third floor at City Hall in the Public Works Conference Room.

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