Sunday, January 26, 2020

Supreme Court Mystery Tree, EV Charging Station, Cherriots Smart Trips Marketing - Bits

A few notes that don't really fit in anywhere...

Last spring on a ramble by the Supreme Court building a mysterious tree seemed a little remarkable. Was it a Cork Oak or some other tree that had a story attached to it? It did not look like any native tree from around here, and seemed like it might have been a gift or the legacy of some gardener. Its twisty branching and textured bark stood out.

On the side of the Supreme Court - A Cork Oak?
(March 2019)
It looks like that question will remain unanswered.

Gone! Northeast corner where that possible Cork Oak was planted
The general building renovation apparently included many of the nearby trees, and they are nearly all gone now. That's a bit of a bummer!

Southeast corner with other stumps and trunks
Just down the street, the charging station for electric cars appears to be up now at the Capitol.

EV charging station at the Capitol on State St
Cherriots may be starting a new Smart Trips type individualized marketing campaign.

Cherriots' Board meet last week and in the minutes from December 12th (in the meeting packet) was a note about what looks to be gearing up for a new project:
Marion County Environmental Services and CTC [Cherriots Trip Choice] created a collaborative survey to gauge the impact that residents from northeast Salem have on traveling.The survey had a total of 396 respondents who ranged in age from 18 to 65. The survey results provided staff with direction on how to develop a follow up outreach campaign in northeast Salem for the second and third quarters.
A smart trips project in Grant and Englewood from 2015
This looks like a new iteration of the smart trips project from 2015 in the Grant and Englewood neighborhood. That will be interesting to follow.

Salem Reporter also had a couple of notes on that Cherriots agenda.

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