Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bridge to Work Day - May 17th

Last night at City Council, West Salem Councilor Dan Clem introduced a motion to organize a "bridge to work" day on Monday, May 17th to feature the re-opening of the Union St. Railroad Bridge and to promote active transportation, like walking and biking, to work.

[*Update: At the Wednesday Vision 2020 Bike/Ped meeting, Todd Klocke indicated the date was not certain. There will be a planning meeting next week, and more details will be available then.]

We weren't able to be at council, but according to the Statesman, Clem
said he will ask city staffers to look into safe routes signs that would direct bike riders and pedestrians to the Capitol Mall.

"More people should know they choose to walk or bicycle to work," he said. "We all don't have to be stuck in cars every work day."

Herm Boes, co-chairman of the West Salem Neighborhood Association, said he's on board for "Bridge-to-Work Day."

"I'll participate in it," he said.

Terry Kelly, the president of the West Salem Business Association, supports the idea, with one condition.

"If there is adequate security for those that choose to park their cars in the parking areas on the west side of the river," he said. "It's an area which has a lot of transients."

We hope the Wallace lots don't become a park-n-walk/ride, but perhaps this will highlight the difficulties in crossing Wallace.

In any event, featuring the bridge on a commute focused event is great to see!

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