Friday, April 2, 2010

Saturday - Bike Racing at the Capitol, Market Kicks off Downtown

Tomorrow brings all kinds of excitement to downtown!

The Salem Saturday Market starts another season of yummy produce goodness! Though the Friends's valet bike parking doesn't start until May, you can still ride your bike and shop sustainably!

Also on Saturday, Willamette University will host the downtown Capital Cup criterium races. The racing team and the bike shop host this inaugural race.

It's especially fitting as Willson Park, on the part that is the current site of the Executive Building, and where Gatke Hall used to be located when it was the Post Office, used to have a bike track! In the 1890s bicycle racing at the Capitol was common, and a special feature of July 4th celebrations.

Welcome back to Salem!

According to the Statesman, there will be college racers in the morning. The first OBRA race starts at 1:30pm.

Go check it out!

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