Sunday, April 4, 2010

Got an Old-School Balloon Tire Cruiser? Salem's got a Ride for You!

Did you know Salem has a Fat Tire cruiser club?

Was out on my way to a friend's for Easter dinner, and as I was getting ready to turn left, straight-ahead I saw a bunch of bicyclists gathering on the street in the rain. So naturally, I went straight.

And they had a bunch of old-school cruisers! I was in a rush, and was running late because I had to change clothes for the rain. So we didn't talk much. To add insult, my camera's battery crapped out, so I don't have a fresh photo for you. But it looks like they'll be getting some pictures up.

Go check out the facebook page - and get out your old cruiser!

They're adventurous and ride rain or shine! And they're a mighty friendly bunch.

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