Thursday, April 8, 2010

Budget Busted? Save $12,000 a Year: Go by Bike!

An easy way to whack almost $12,000 from your yearly budget is to ditch the second car!

In the Statesman today is a piece about the new projected $2.5M shortfall in the Salem budget and the corresponding reductions likely to follow.

Unfortunately, in a separate pot of money entirely, the $100M road bond is not merely about necessary road maintenance, but contains a heap of unnecessary road expansion. With the economy in contraction generally and the cost of energy increasing, the wisdom of road expansion is far from obvious.

If only we could cut unwise road expansion in order to reallocate intelligently to necessary city services and infrastructure!

But since we can't, we can recommend this: If you want an extra $1000 per month on average, ditch a car and get a bike!

Your neighborhood bike shop can help!

Bike Peddler
Santiam Bicycle
Scott's Cycle
South Salem Cycleworks

(Cool ad in Willamette Week from River City Bicycles in Portland)

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