Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Neighborhood Meeting on 12th & Chemeketa; ODOT to move

A couple of notes from the Statesman on Rail Crossings and State office moves...

As part of the effort to create a "Quiet Zone" through downtown, a meeting tomorrow night will include information on proposed changes to the intersection of Chemeketa and 12th. Since this is an important bikeway, neighborhood bicyclists should be sure to attend. Last week we met with Tony Martin, and the proposals look to retain bicycle connectivity across 12th street. Check 'em out, and let Tony know what you think!
A meeting on the Railroad Safety and Quiet Zone will be at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Local Government Building, 1201 Court St. NE.

Discussions also will include Chemeketa Street crossing alternatives

For more information, contact assistant city traffic engineer Tony Martin at (503) 588-6211 or at

Originally called the State Highway Building, ODOT's Transportation Building was completed in 1951, and it needs some R & R! During renovation and restoration of the T Building, ODOT employees will relocate out to a couple of buildings in the Fairview Industrial Park. Apparently, not all of the folks will be able to return to the mall when the renovation is completed.

On the mall, the Transportation Building was centrally located, especially to the close-in N and NE neighborhoods. The Fairview Park is not served well by low-traffic streets, and the commercial and truck traffic make it a less attractive biking destination. There are lots of bike commuters at ODOT, and hopefully this will not make it more difficult for them!

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