Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Fuel-Free Friday - And National Bike to Work Day

It's Fuel-Free Friday! Can you weather the weather? We know it's not so great, but you know you feel good when you ride!

If you haven't done so already, make sure you register to win an iPad and other goodies at Cherriots FA$TLANE promotion!

It's also National Bike to Work Day. Because the weather doesn't always cooperate, the BTA holds its big Bike to Work event, the Bike Commute Challenge, in September, when the number of dry days is greater. And we did just do Bridge to Work Day. But you can never have too many reasons to ride to work!

In the event that you can't do it Friday, think about making Saturday a fuel-free day.

Remember that Friends of Salem Saturday Market and Bicycle Transportation Alliance encourages you to walk or bike to the market. Pick up your Walk+Bike sticker at the FSSM booth and send Stephanie at the BTA a photo of yourself at the market.

You'll be entered to win a backpack from KEEN! For more information, see the BTAblog.

They're sweetening the deal this Saturday! Friends of Salem Saturday Market are offering a Family Bike Safety Class at 10am.
Hear about what kids and grown-ups can do, and should be aware of, to make biking together fun and safe.

Finally, the Deepwater Horizon spill continues. Here's the meter from PBS. You can slide the estimated leak rate depending on your confidence in published rates. If you've been following this, you'll notice they updated the default estimate to a significantly higher rate based on the latest information. Here's a collection of photojournalism from the spill. (Baggie with oil mixed in the seatwer: Detail from an image taken south of Freemason Island, Louisiana May 7th - REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

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