Monday, May 3, 2010

Win an iPad! Fast Lane Commuter Challenge Kicks Off Monday

This morning Cherriots Rideshare rolls out a new 10 week program to reduce drive-alone auto commutes.

From May 3 to July 9, commuters who work in Polk, Marion, and Yamhill counties who register for the Fa$t Lane Commute Challenge will be able to log trips and ways they commute. Any use of carpooling/vanpooling, bike commuting, transit, telecommuting and/or walking will be eligible. Trips need to be a commute trip and logged into the Drive Less Trip Diary no more than one week after taken. Incentives will be given while supplies last upon logging the required, verifiable one-way trips by an eligible commuter.

What are the incentives, you ask? $100 visa cards, $250 massage certificates, three iPads even! Lots of other swag, too. The downtown dollars look especially nice - just for participating! Leverage them with other spending downtown and get a great two-for - help yourself, and help keep downtown thriving!

Register for the Fa$t Lane Commute Challenge today!

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