Friday, May 14, 2010

Union RR Bridge Opens on a Lovely Day

It was a great day for bicycling! This evening I saw several bicyclists on quiet streets where I haven't seen bicyclists before. This seemed like a very good sign!

After a long winter, and just in time for a beautiful weekend, the Historic Union St. Railroad Bridge is open.

The early evening sun lit up the river and bridge. A steady stream of walkers and bikers were out on it, including City Manager Linda Norris! The Bridge puts a smile on everyone's face.

Never noticed the plaques before, and I can't remember whether they are new and placed only after the new paint or if they were old and I just didn't notice them. They gleamed in the sun.

Small posters were up for the Passport Day on the 15th and Bridge to Work on the 18th. Hopefully everyone will see them and throng to each event!

Out in front of Clockworks six bikes were locked up! Later there seemed to be a few more. There was a good crowd, and we can only hope they are so overwhelmed with bikes the City has to put in more bike parking! Venti's, too, had a nice cluster of bikes.

Earlier in the day volunteers led a Bike Safety Education Community Ride. Looks like the kids had fun...the adults too!

Just a great day for bikes!

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