Monday, May 31, 2010

SJ Bike Map Shows Deficiencies in Current Route System

In the Sunday Statesman yesterday there was a special insert "Rediscover the Mid-Valley: A Guide to Your Community." In it was this map of Salem bike routes.

Really, there is no better explanation for why we need to identify a set of low-traffic alternative routes. Our current bike route system is incomplete and tells new bicyclists to go where they are not comfortable or happy to ride. Perhaps most importantly, the marked routes are not a system for kids.

(Photo from Kidical Mass ride yesterday! You know you want more of this!)

Jeff Leach is doing a terrific job of updating our draft low-traffic alternatives. Look for a new update in the next week or two.

We look forward to feeding our proposed routes into the Transportation System Plan update process.

Salem can be so much better for bicycling! Let's make sure we have a system for everyone!


Kat said...

Yes! A map of an incomplete network of bike lanes on busy 4 lane streets is no good at all. When I get my stuff together, I'll compile my KMass routes and get them on the blog so that other potential cyclists can see that Salem does indeed have ridable neighborhoods.

Salem Breakfast on Bikes said...

Excellent! Your routes will be a good resource!